Unit 3 Core: Data Analysis Notes

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Headstart  Summary Tasks  Worksheet Univariate Data Task
Bivariate Data Task
 1. Core – Data Analysis
 Univariate Data Types of data Notes 3.1.1 Juddy Productions: Data Classification video
Representing distributions Notes 3.1.2 Juddy Productions: Median video
Excel: Frequency Table and Segmented bar charts
Log base 10 Histograms Notes 3.1.3 Logarithm video
Describing Distributions Notes 3.1.4  Identifying outliers
Skewness video
 The 68%-95%-99.7% & z scores Notes 3.1.6 Juddy Productions: Normal distribution video
Worksheet: Normal distribution
Template: Normal Distribution
Further Maths: The 68-95-99.7% Rule Part 1 video
Further Maths: The 68-95-99.7% Rule Part 2 video
Juddy Productions: Z Score video
Worksheet: Z Score
Further Maths: Z Scores video
Mean & Standard Deviation Notes 3.1.7
 Bivariate Data Back to back stem and leaf plots Notes 3.1.8 Back 2 back stem and leaf
Parallel box plots 1
Box plots & comparisons Notes 3.1.9 Parallel box plots 2
Response & explanatory variables Notes 3.1.10 Explanatory  & response variables
Two-way frequency Tables & segmented bar charts Notes 3.1.11 Juddy Productions: Representation of Bivariate Data video
Two-way frequency tables
 Scatter plots Notes 3.1.12 Interpreting scatterplots
 Scatterplot analysis
Pearson’s product-moment correlation coefficient (r) Notes 3.1.13  Pearson’s product-moment correlation coefficient (r)
Coefficient of determination (r2) Notes 3.1.14  Coefficient of determination
Interpreting least squares regression equations Notes 3.1.15  TI-Nspire Tute
Interpreting straight line graphs
Online simulation
Linear regression examples Linear Regression Sample  Task 1
Linear Regression Sample Task 1 Solutions
Video Solution – Example 1
Linear Regression Sample Task 2
Linear Regression Sample Task 2 Solutions
Video Solution – Example 2
Transformations to linearity Notes 3.1.16 Residual analysis example
 Transforming data sets
 Examples of transformations
 Time Series  Smoothing  Notes  Smoothing video
Smoothing  Worksheet 1 
Smoothing Worksheet 2
3 Point Moving Avg Video
5 Point Moving Avg Video
4 Point Moving Avg – Centred Video
3 Point Median Video
5 Point Median Video
Deseasonalising Data Video
S.I. Exam Qn 1 
S.I. Exam Qn 2

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