Sem 1 – Maths Notes


Unit/Area of Study Topics Notes  Resources
Year 10 Semester 1
1. Geometry Areas of Shapes Video: Areas of regular shapes
Worksheet 1: Area of shapes
Excel: Calculation of pi
Online: Area and perimeter
Volume of Shapes Online: Volume
2. Trigonometry Pythagoras’ Theorem Online: Pythagoras’ Theorem
Juddy Productions: Pythagoras’ Theorem video
Juddy Productions: SOHCAHTOA labeling
Juddy Productions: SOHCAHTOA – the sine rule
Juddy Productions: SOHCAHTOA – the cosine rule
Juddy Productions: SOHCAHTOA – The tangent rule
Juddy Productions: Degrees, Minutes, Seconds (DMS) video
3. Financial Maths


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