Unit 3 Physics: Area of Study 1

Unit 3 Physics Notes

Unit/Area of Study                      Topics  Notes             Online Resources                           
  Unit.3 How do fields explain motion and electricity?
1. How do things move without contact? Gravitational Fields  Notes 3.1.1 Juddy Productions: Inverse square law video  
      Juddy Productions: Graphical analysis of satellite orbits video  
      Juddy Productions: Circular orbits ratio video  
      Visualising gravity video  
      NASA: Kepler’s Laws video  
      Brian Cox: Zero G Flight video  
      Veritasium: Zero G Flight video  
      PhET: Gravity & Orbits simulation  
      NASA: Online satellite tracker  
      PhET: Gravity Force Lab simulation  
  Electric Fields Notes 3.1.2 Juddy Productions: Electric fields video 1  
      PhET Simulation: Coulomb’s Law  
      PhET Simulation: Electric fields  
      Juddy Productions: Electric fields video 2  
      Electron gun simulation  
      Electron gun video  
      Crash Course: Electric field video  
  Magnetic Fields  Notes 3.1.3 Juddy Productions: Magnetic fields – Video 1  
      Juddy Productions: Magnetic fields – Video 2  
      Magnetic fields  
      The strongest magnet ever  
      Magnetic Fields  
      Oersted’s Experiment  
      Oersted’s Compass  
      Right Hand Grip Rule  
      PhET Simulation  
      Maglab: Lorentz force video  
      Lorentz force  
  DC Motors Notes 3.1.4 Juddy Productions: DC Motor video  
      DC motor   
      DC Motor simulation  
      DC Motor applet  
  Magnetic Forces on Charged Particles Notes 3.1.5    

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