Unit 4 Further Maths: Networks

Unit/Area of Study                      Topics  Notes             Online Resources                           
 4. Applications – Networks  Introductory Networks Notes 4.2.1
Planar Graph Terminology Notes 4.2.2 Planar Graphs Terminology
Trees & minimum Spans Notes 4.2.3 Dijkstra’s Alogorithm
Minimum Cut & Maximum Flow Notes 4.2.4 Max flow by inspection
Max Flow – car analysis
Min Cut & Max Flow examples
Video Minimum cut & maximum flow
Alternative Max Flow Technique
Dijkstra’s Algorithm Dijkstra’s Algorithm Eg.1
Dijkstra’s Algorithm Eg.2
The Allocation Problem The Allocation Problem 1
The Allocation Problem 2
Precedence Tables & Activity Networks Precedence Tables & Activity Networks Video
Dummy Activities Notes Dummy Activity Video
Forwards & backwards Scan Notes Network Scanning
Critical Path Analysis
Critical Path Example 1
Crashing Crashing video

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