Year 10 Physics


As the unit name suggests, this Year 10 semester long course is aimed at preparing students wishing to study VCE Physics 1 & 2.  The course has been structured following the  Victorian Curriculum (Foundation – 10) outline.

The course focuses upon two Science strands, those being Science Understanding and Science Inquiry.  This course specifically examines the Physical Sciences sub-strand at the Year 10 level of study.

Students will study the topics of Electric Circuits, Magnets, Thermodynamics and Motion. Throughout the course students will undertake regular experimental work in the laboratory, starting with simple observations and measurements. Several investigations will be teacher directed, whilst others will be student designed.

For more information regarding each topic outline, please use the below links:


  1. Electric Circuits
  2. Magnets
  3. Thermodynamics
  4. Motion

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