Topic 2 Electric Circuits

Strand: Science Understanding              Topics  Notes             Online Resources                           
Sub-strand: Physical Sciences
Unit: Intro. to Physics
1. Electric Circuits Basic Terminology Notes 10.2.1 Terminology – Current
Terminology – Voltage
Terminology – Resistance
Terminology – Power
Electrical circuit – Water analogy
Circuit analysis Notes 10.2.2 BBC Bite Size – Electric Circuit
Video: Series & Parallel Circuits
Worksheet – Circuit Analysis
Worksheet-Analysing Circuits
PhET – Circuit Construction Kit: DC
PhET Circuit Maker Worksheet
  Juddy Productions: Series & Parallel Circuits – Problem-solving video
  Skills Quiz: Series & Parallel Circuit Basics
Measuring Voltage & Current Notes 10.2.3 Measuring voltage and current
Juddy Produtions: Analogue Meters video
Meter reading worksheet
  Skills Quiz: Reading analogue meters
Effective Resistance Notes 10.2.4 Juddy Productions: Effective Resistance video 
Worksheet – Effective Resistance
Juddy Productions: Effective Resistance Examples video
  Skills Quiz: Effective resistance
Resistance Colour Coding Notes 10.2.5 BBC Colour coding
Juddy Productions: Colour coding resistors video
Worksheet – Colour coding
  Skills Quiz: Resistance colour coding
Ohm’s Law Notes 10.2.6 BBC Ohm’s Law
Ohm’s Law Calculator
Ohm’s Law Video
Measuring Resistance Text
BLM Ohm’s Law Activity
Video: Ohm’s Law Prac
Ohm’s Law Prac
Sample Prac Data
Video: Circuit Analysis Complex
  Electrical Power Notes 10.2.7 Power Worksheet
Power Audit Handout
Sample Power Bill

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