Unit 4 Physics: Area of Study 1

Unit/Area of Study                      Topics  Notes             Online Resources                           
Unit.4 How can two contradictory models explain both light and matter?
1. How can waves explain the behaviour of light?  The Wave Model  Notes 4.1.1 Wave models
A Level Physics – Waves
PhET – Sound Simulator
PhET – Wave on a string
  Omni Calculator: Speed of sound
 Interference  Notes 4.1.2 Veritasium – Young’s Double Slit Experiment
PhET – Wave Interference
YouTube: The Doppler Effect
PhET – Doppler effect simulation
OPhysics – Doppler effect simulator
OPhysics – Wave Pulse Interference and Superposition simulator
PhET – Wave maker
Veritasium Colour & Interference
Resonance & Standing Waves  Notes 4.1.3 Sound waves & resonance
Standing wave simulator
A-Level Physics: Standing Waves
Wine glass breaking slow-mo
Physics Girl: Wine Glass breaking
Veritasium 2D Rubens’ Tube
Amazing resonance experiment
Tacoma Narrows Bridge
  OPhysics – Superposition of Transverse Waves simulator
  OPhysics – Standing Waves simulator
  OPhysics – Air Column Resonance with Longitudinal Waves simulator
Diffraction of waves Notes 4.1.4
Electromagnetic Waves  Notes 4.1.5  PhET – Radiating Charge
Uses of radiation
Vsauce – Brachistochrone Curve
Refraction of Light Notes 4.1.6 PhET – Bending of Light simulator
OPhysics – Dispersion of light  simulator
  OPhysics – Polarization of light simulator
  OPhysics – Lenses and chromatic aberration simulator
Young’s Double Slit Experiment  Notes 4.1.7 Dr Quantum video
Double Slit interactive
Double Slit Variables

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