Unit 3 Physics: Area of Study 2

Unit 3 Physics Notes

Unit/Area of Study                      Topics  Notes             Online Resources                           
  Unit.3 How do fields explain motion and electricity?
2. How are fields used to move electrical energy? Making Electricity  Notes 3.2.1 Juddy Productions: Magnetic Flux video  
  Induced EMF Notes 3.2.2 Juddy Productions: Faraday’s Law video  
      Electromagnetic Induction  
      Electromagnetic Induction applet  
      PhET Faraday’s Electromagnetic Lab  
      Veritasium: Levitating BBQ – Electromagnetic Induction video  
  Lenz’s Law Notes 3.2.3 Juddy Productions: Lenz’s Law Graphing EMF video  
      Juddy Productions: Lenz’s Law – Direction of Induced Current video  
      Veritasium: World’s 1st Electric Generator video  
      Walter Fendt: Generator simulation  
  Transformers Notes 3.2.4 Transformers  
      Eddy current tricks  
      Eddy current demo  
  Power Transmission Notes 3.2.5 Juddy Productions: Power transmission worked example video  

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