Unit 3 Physics: Area of Study 3

Unit 3 Physics Notes

Unit/Area of Study                      Topics  Notes             Online Resources                           
  Unit.3 How do fields explain motion and electricity?
3. How fast can things go? Motion intro.  Notes 3.3.1  Vectors  
      What is a force?  
      What forces are acting on you?  
   Newton’s Laws  Notes 3.3.2  1-D Kinematics  
      Newton’s Laws of Physics  
      Three incorrect laws of motion  
      Newton’s 3rd Law  
      Juddy Productions: Multiple body systems video  
   Collisions  Notes 3.3.3  Conservation of momentum  
      Work, energy & power  
      Pendulum energy  
      PhET Skate Park  
  Vertical mass-spring system   PhET Hooke’s Law  
      Spring Constant (k)  
      PhET Masses & Springs  
      When is a bungee jumper’s acceleration max?  
      Juddy Productions: Vertical mass-spring system   
      Mass-spring analysis 1  
      Mass-spring analysis 2  
  Horizontal projectile motion  Notes 3.3.4 Projectile motion  
      Juddy Productions: Elevated horizontal projectile motion video  
  Oblique projectile motion  Notes 3.3.5 The Physics Classroom: Projectile simulator  
      OPhysics: simulator  
      PhET: Projectile Motion simulator  
      Juddy Productions: Oblique projectile motion video  
  Circular motion  Notes 3.3.6 Geogebra Uniform circular motion simulator  
      Geogebra Conical Pendulum simulator  
      PhET Circular motion simulator  
      Juddy Productions: Uniform Circular Motion  
      Juddy Productions: Circular Motion – Banked video  
      Juddy Productions: Circular motion – Conical pendulum video  
      Juddy Productions: Non Uniform circular video  
      Veritasium: Anti-gravity wheel video  
      Circular motion prac simulation  
  Classical Relativity Notes 3.3.7 Classical Relativity Video 1  
      The Doppler Effect  
      Luminiferous Ether  
  Special Relativity (Lorentz factor) Notes 3.3.8 Time Dilation Video  
      Minute Physics: Special Relativity Series  
      Einstein’s Light Clock  
  Special Relativity (Time dilation) Notes 3.3.9 Length Contraction Video  
  Special Relativity (Length contraction) Notes 3.3.10 Veritasium – Can you go the speed of light?  
      Minute Physics: Muons  
  Special Relativity (Energy ) Notes 3.3.11 Veritasium: Where does the sun get its energy?  
      Minute Physics: How the sun works.  
      Juddy Productions: Special Relativity exam video  

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