Unit 2 Area of Study 2


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Unit.2    What do experiments reveal about the physical world?
Option Marking rubric
2. Option.1 How can human vision be enhanced? Reflection of Light Notes Reflection – plane mirrors
Curved Mirrors Notes Ray Diagrams – Bozeman Science 
Refraction of Light Notes PhET Refraction
Lenses Notes PhET Lenses
Concave lenses
Convex lenses
Khan Academy
Pin hole camera
Thin Lens Equation
2. Option.2 How can AC electricity charge a DC device Measuring Electricity Notes Virtual Oscilloscope
CRO & Sound Source
Transformers Notes
Rectification & Smoothing Notes  Rectification Video
Voltage Regulation Notes
Transducers Notes
Diodes Notes
Free PowerPoint Templates
Sample Template 1
Sample Template 2
Sample Poster
Marking Rubric

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