Unit 1 Physics: Area of Study 1

Unit 1 Physics Notes

 Unit/Area of Study  Topics  Notes  Online Resources  
   Unit.1 What ideas explain the physical world
 1. How are light and heat explained?  Properties of mechanical waves Notes 1.1.1 PhET – Waves on a string simulator  
      oPhysics – EM Wave simulator  
      JavaLab – Sound waves simulator  
      Pennsylvania State University – Longitudinal and transverse wave motion simulator  
  Electromagnetic Waves Notes 1.1.2 NASA – Tour of the electromagnetic spectrum  
      Veritasium – The world in UV YouTube  
      JavaLab – Electromagnetic waves  
  Refraction of Light Notes 1.1.3 PhET – Bending light simulator  
      oPhysics – Reflection and refraction simulator  
      JavaLab – Total Internal Reflection and Optical Fiber simulator  
  Temperature Notes 1.1.4 Veritasium – States of Matter  
      Veritasium – Celsius Made His Thermometer Upside Down  
      Veritasium – What the Fahrenheit?!  
      BBC Two – Ben Miller experiments with superfluid helium – Horizon: What is One Degree?  
      PhET: States of Matter simulation  
  Heat Transfer Notes 1.1.5 Physics Online – Convection Experiment – GCSE Physics  
      FLIR: The World’s Sixth Sense  
      Bozeman Science – Thermal Equilibrium  
      Veritasium – Misconceptions About Temperature  
      Bozeman Science – Heat Exchange  
      PhET: Energy Forms and Changes  
  How heat affects temperature Notes 1.1.6    

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