Unit 1 Physics: Area of Study 3

Unit 1 Physics Notes

 Unit/Area of Study  Topics  Notes  Online Resources
   Unit.1 What ideas explain the physical world
3. What is matter and how is it formed? Radioactivity and the nucleus Notes 1.3.1 What is a neutrino?
Antimatter explained
Known isotopes
 Nuclear Half Life and Decay Series Notes 1.3.2  PhET – Alpha decay
 PhET – Beta decay
Uranium – Twisting the Dragon’s Tail (1)
Uranium – Twisting the Dragon’s Tail (2)
Sample Decay Series
 Nuclear Forces Notes 1.3.3  Khan Academy video
Mouse Trap – Nuclear Fission
Veritasium – Energy of the sun
Binding Energy Calculations
The Standard Model Notes 1.3.4 Four Fundamental Forces
Subatomic Particles
The standard model (Bozeman video)
The standard model (Ri video)
Gravitational Waves
The best & worst predictions in Science
The Australian Synchrotron
 Historic Timeline 20th Century How big is the universe?
Henriett Leavitt Discovery (1912)
Harlow Shapley Discovery(1920)
  Edwin Hubble Discovery (1929)
Penzias & Wilson Discovery (1964)
 The Expanding Universe The Hubble Law (Dr Brian Cox)
The Doppler Effect
The Big Bang Theory Minute Physics: Pictures of the Big Bang
Minute Physics: Expansion
The Beginning of Everything
Veritasium: Big Bang Theory
Evidence of Comsic Inflation

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