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There is no time like the present

“The exams aren’t until November” that’s what you tell yourself.  If you’re anything like my good self, there will always be a better time to study or another a “more important” task to do than to hit the books.

For many of us the art of procrastination is one we have practiced for years and indeed mastered.  It is very easy to keep ourselves busy with meaningless tasks whilst all the time we know only too well that we are simply putting off what really matters – Physics study and revision.  Well it’s time to roll up the sleaves and to get real about working hard.

At this stage in the year you will have most likely completed all of Unit 3 including the ever imposing Extended Practical Investigation (EPI).  So now is the perfect opportunity to revise your semesters study and summarise all you have learned.

[pullquote]So now is the perfect opportunity to revise your semesters study and summarise all you have learned.[/pullquote]

Different people revise in different ways.  For example some students:

  • Read over their textbook and notes
  • Construct summary pages and then condense to a summary page or two
  • Construct concept maps linking all the main concepts of an Area of Study
  • Place summary cards all over their room displaying definitions and equations
  • Make audio recordings on their ipod or phone that they can listen to at night
  •  Get family and friends to quiz you about definitions and terminology
  • Complete exam style questions from published texts

Whatever your technique, make a start today.  My experience as a VCE Physics teacher is that most students don’t revise their first semester topics until it is too late.  Often the Motion topic is the worst scored section on the entire exam paper.

So make a difference today.  Fully revise the first semester now.  If your school has a mid-year practice exam, study hard for it and test yourself.  If not, then ask your Physics teacher for some sample papers.  All teachers have access to dozens of practice papers and they will be only too happy to assist a keen and dedicated student.

If you wish to gain a high study score in Physics or simply do your best then revision and exam preparation are the key.  You can be 100% certain that many students across Victoria are continually revising and completing practice exams in this subject.  If you wish to compete on the state stage, then get competitive today and invest the necessary hours to succeed.

I leave you with my favourite question: “Are you doing your best? If not, why not?”

[pullquote]”Are you doing your best? If not, why not?”[/pullquote]

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