Physics has a steep learning curve

The adjustment from studying junior and middle science to that of mastering VCE Physics involves an extremely steep learning curve.  For many students, what used to be straight forward and simple has become quite challenging and often confusing.

The truth of the matter is that the main concepts being taught are not that difficult or foreign.  Rather it is the technical language associated with Physics that can make one feel as though they are studying Latin rather than a physical science.

So if you, like many other VCE Physics students, are finding the start of the academic year demanding and challenging, then please appreciate that you are not alone and that this is a common experience of many studying this subject.

In order to gain confidence in this subject, be sure to:

  • Read your text book prior to class
  • Take detailed and accurate notes
  • Seek clarification from your teacher
  • Discuss challenging terms with other students

As you study your VCE you will regularly be challenged and confronted by a range of situations and circumstances. Just remember that it’s the way in which you respond to such circumstances that determines your levels of anxiety and indeed coping capacity.

Successful VCE Physics students demonstrate perseverance, determination and a strong willingness to work hard and solve problems. So embrace each challenge as they arise and be solution focussed, rather than problem focussed.



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