Unit 1 Physics: Area of Study 1

Unit 1 Physics Notes

 Unit/Area of Study  Topics  Notes  Online Resources  
   Unit.1 What ideas explain the physical world
 1. How can thermal effects be explained?  Temperature Notes 1.1.1  Celsius Video  
      Fahrenheit Video  
      Absolute Zero  
      How does a thermocouple work?  
      PhET Simulation – States of Matter  
      PhET Simulation – Gas Properties  
      Finding Absolute Zero  
      Balloons & liquid Nitrogen  
      Temperature Science  
      PhET Worksheet – Absolute Zero  
  Heat transfer Notes 1.1.2 PhysicsOnline video: Convection exp.  
      FLIR Video  
      Thermal equilibrium  
       PhET Energy forms & changes  
      Misconceptions about Temperature  
      Heat transfer  
      BBC: House Design & energy consideration   
  Specific Heat Capacity Notes 1.1.3 Worksheet: Specific heat capacity  
      Worksheet Solutions: Specific heat capacity  
      Juddy Productions: Calculating a specific heat capacity video  
      Fuse School: Specific Heat Capacity video  
      Food calorimetry lab: video  
  Specific Latent Heat Notes 1.1.4 Fuse School: Latent Heat video  
      Worksheet: Heating Graph  
  Laws of Thermodynamics Notes 1.1.5 The Royal Institute: The zeroth law of thermodynamics video  
      The Royal Institute: The first law of thermodynamics video  
      Khan Academy: Thermodynamics  
  The Electromagnetic Spectrum   Ice cutting experiment  
      BBC Heat Transfer  
      PhET Stefan Boltzmann demo  
      Introductory Video  
       Explanatory Video  
       Virtual Lab  
       Atmosphere thumbprints  
      Juddy tutorial video  
  Climate Change Notes 1.1.6 Global Heat Record  
      An Inconvenient Truth   
      National Geographic site  

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