Juddy Productions

In addition to the content offered to General Maths and Physics students on this website, I have invested significant time and energy into delivering educational videos via my new product Juddy Productions.

In this era of education, it is more important than ever for students to have the flexibility of when, and indeed how, they learn. With the busyness of life and time demands of the typical student, it is essential that students can access resources at any time of the day.

The videos produced by Juddy Productions are targeted to the current VCAA study design. If a student has missed a class, struggled to grasp a concept or wishes to review the material in his or her own time, then Juddy Productions is here to help.

Videos are designed to run between 5-15 minutes. Each presents techniques and approaches to master a skill, then allows students the opportunity to practice their new skill via a selection of problem-solving questions.

Content for both VCE General Mathematics and Physics is being added daily. With video views well in excess of 650,000 and subscribers approaching 2.5K, I invite you to view the videos for yourself.

Link to Juddy Productions videos.

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