Unit 3 Further Notes


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Headstart  Summary Tasks  Worksheet Univariate Data Task
Bivariate Data Task
 1. Core – Data Analysis
 Univariate Data Types of data Notes 3.1.1
Representing distributions Notes 3.1.2
Log base 10 Histograms Notes 3.1.3 Logarithm video
Describing Distributions Notes 3.1.4  Identifying outliers
Skewness video
 The 68%-95%-99.7% & z scores Notes 3.1.6 The 68-95-99.7% Rule Part 1
The 68-95-99.7% Rule Part 2
 Z Scores
Mean & Standard Deviation Notes 3.1.7
 Back to back stem and leaf Notes 3.1.8  Back 2 back stem and leaf
 Box plots & comparisons Notes 3.1.9  Parallel box plots 1
 Parallel box plots 2
 Two way frequency Tables & segmented bar charts Notes 3.1.10 Two way frequency tables
 Bivariate Data Response & explanatory variables Notes 3.1.11  Explanatory  & response variables
 Scatter plots  Notes Interpreting scatterplots
 Scatterplot analysis
Pearson’s product-moment correlation coefficient (r) Notes  Pearson’s product-moment correlation coefficient (r)
 Coefficient of determination  Notes  Coefficient of determination
 Least squares regression  Notes  TI-Nspire Tute
 Interpreting straight line graphs Notes Interpreting straight line graphs
 Interpolation & Extrapolation  Notes
 Residual Analysis  Notes Residual analysis example
Online simulation
 Linear regression examples Linear Regression Sample  Task 1
Linear Regression Sample Task 1 Solutions
Video Solution – Example 1
Linear Regression Sample Task 2
Linear Regression Sample Task 2 Solutions
Video Solution – Example 2
 Transformations Notes  Transforming data sets
 Examples of transformations
 Time Series  Smoothing  Notes  Smoothing video
3 Point Moving Avg Video
5 Point Moving Avg Video
4 Point Moving Avg – Centred Video
3 Point Median Video
5 Point Median Video
Deseasonalising Data Video
S.I. Exam Qn 1 
S.I. Exam Qn 2
2. Core –  Recursion and financial modelling 
Arithmetic Sequence Notes 3.2.1 Recurrence Relation video
Juddy Productions: Arithmetic Recursion Examples video
  Interest Models
Geometric Sequence Notes 3.2.2  Juddy Productions: Geometric Recursion Examples video
 The Compounding Interest Equation – Part 1
 The Compounding Interest Equation – Part 2
Effective Interest Rate Notes 3.2.4 Juddy Productions: Effective and nominal interest rate video
TI-Nspire Finance Solver Notes  Compounding Interest 
Ti-Nspire Finance Solver Examples Notes
Reducing Balance Depreciation Notes
Reducing Balance Loans Notes Juddy Productions: Reducing balance loans (TI-nspire)
Reducing Balance Loans – Basics
Reducing Balance Loans – TI NSpire
  Reducing Balance Loans – Change Up
Juddy Productions: Annuities & Perpetuities video
Amorisation Table Notes Online calculator
Juddy Productions: Amorisation Table – Reducing Balance Loan (New) Video.
Juddy Productions: Amortisation Table – Annuity Investments (New)
Juddy Productions: Amortisation Table – Annuity Payouts (New)
Amortisation Table Video 1
Perpetuities Notes Perpetuity video
Annuity Investments Notes  Superannuation video
Juddy Productions: Graphing Exam Questions video
Juddy Productions: Visualising Banking Arrangements video
Juddy Productions: Finance Solver Change-Ups (New) video


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