Year 10 Physics Notes


Strand: Science Understanding              Topics  Notes             Online Resources                           
Sub-strand: Physical Sciences
Unit: Intro. to Physics
Warm up activity Brain Bashers – Skyscrapers
 1. Electric Circuits Basic Terminology Notes 10.1.1 RMIT Electrical Terminology
The Physics Classroom – Voltage
The Physics Classroom – Electric Currrent
Metric Prefixes
Video: Metric/Prefixes
Video: Metric conversions
Metrix Prefix Quiz
Scientific Notation Video
Metric Conversion Worksheet
Metric Conversion Worksheet – solutions
Circuit analysis Notes 10.1.2 BBC Bite Size – Electric Circuit
Video: Series & Parallel Circuits
Worksheet – Circuit Analysis
Worksheet-Analysing Circuits
PhET – DC Circuit Maker
PhET Circuit Maker Worksheet
Measuring Voltage & Current Notes 10.1.3 Measuring voltage and current
Video: Analogue meters
Meter reading worksheet
Effective Resistance Notes 10.1.4 Worksheet – Effective Resistance
Effective Resistance examples
Resistance Colour Coding Notes 10.1.5 BBC Colour coding
Video: Colour coding resistors
Worksheet – Colour coding
Ohm’s Law Notes 10.1.6 BBC Ohm’s Law
Ohm’s Law Calculator
Ohm’s Law Video
Measuring Resistance Text
BLM Ohm’s Law Activity
Video: Ohm’s Law Prac
Ohm’s Law Prac
Sample Prac Data
Video: Circuit Analysis Complex
  Electrical Power Notes 10.1.7 Power Worksheet
Power Audit Handout
Sample Power Bill
2. Motion Distance & Displacement Notes 10.2.1 Science Edge 7.1
Science Edge 7.2
  Online Physics Lab Motion Graph 1
Online Physics Lab Motion Graph 2
Online Physics Lab Motion Graph 3
  Velocity & Acceleration Notes 10.2.2 Science Edge 7.3
Online Physics Lab Motion Velocity Graph 1
Online Physics Lab Motion Velocity Graph 2
Online Physics Lab Motion Velocity Graph 3
Motion Graph Quiz
Enhancement Motion Graph Tasks
Motion Graph Summary
  Ticker Timers Notes 10.2.3 Tracker download
Judd Video: Ticker timers
Tracker video – Manual track
Tracker video – Auto track
Equations of constant acceleration Notes 10.2.4 Constant Acceleration -Worksheet
Constant Acceleration – Worksheet Solutions
Additional constant acceleration questions
Inclined Plane Practical Marking rubric
Practical Report Template
Video: Inclined Plane Prac
 3. Energy Changes Common Forms of Energy Notes 10.2.5 PhET – Hooke’s Law
Video: Hooke’s Law Activity
Energy Worksheet
Video: Gravitational  Potential Energy
Video: Kinetic Energy
Video: Strain Potential Energy
Energy Conversions Notes 10.2.6 PhET – Energy Skate Park 
4. Exam Preparation Exam Information
Front cover
Formula & Data Sheet
Practice Test – Electricity
Practice Test – Electricity (Solutions)
Practice Test – Motion
Practice Test – Motion (Solutions)


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