Physics has a steep learning curve

The adjustment from studying junior and middle science to that of mastering VCE Physics involves an extremely steep learning curve.  For many students, what used […]

Study Physics Now

With only seven weeks left until the VCE Units 3 & 4 Physics end of year exam, there is much that can be done to […]

After School Assistance

Some students find the traditionally allocated classes don’t offer sufficient opportunity to seek assistance or ask questions of their teachers.  Accordingly, many teacher will offer/provide […]

Video Conference with Dr Derek Muller

Lavalla Catholic College VCE Physics students were recently treated to a Skype conference with science communicator, filmmaker and television presenter, Dr Derek Muller. Derek regularly […]

It’s a marathon, not a sprint

Studying VCE Physics is much more like a marathon than a sprint. To do your personal best in this subject and to achieve a high […]

Physics – Exam Day

So you have done your revision, constructed your summary sheet(s) and completed as many practice exams as possible.  On top of this you have checked […]

There is no time like the present

“The exams aren’t until November” that’s what you tell yourself.  If you’re anything like my good self, there will always be a better time to […]

Time Investment = Academic Success

Have you ever heard of a tennis player who took tennis lessons for a year, never practiced or played matches, who went on to win […]

Tips to success

There are numerous public speakers who present their “tips to VCE success”.  In addition, there are seminars you can attend, publications you can purchase and […]


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